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Our international services
Is to support companies with marketing, business services and advertising needs, and to help expand trade presence in the Region. Also, to provide consulting and local representation services. We offer our cost effective services to companies within the EMEA Region.

EMEA Market Entry Acceleration

From a central location we provide full service to companies deciding to expand their business into Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.
We offer you all services to successfully establish your business.  We can act on your behalf, including running the day-to-day operation of your business in the initial stage and in the region of your strategic choice. Our work ends when you decide your business is mature enough to stand alone.
Our services are available to help improving business knowledge and relations among companies as well as strengthen trade contacts within the EMEA Region. Through our local network of offices we assist members to be introduced into the local markets to explore new business opportunities.
We also provide all the logistic assistance to participate directly to the public tenders in North African countries.

Tender assistance

All4business  offers various complementary services to make it easier for you to bid for a specific tender, consultancy, procurement or project.

You may be looking for additional information to increase the success of your tender. Information than can only be obtained from the procuring institution.

Sometimes, tender documents will have to be picked up physically, or bids will have to be submitted physically. You may also need someone to represent you when bids are being opened.

You can be so busy running your company that you may not have time to focus on winning tenders and PQQs (Pre Qualification Questionnaire) or business development. Or you may need specialist expertise like help with writing tenders and responding to PQQs.

Writing tenders and responding to PQQs takes up a lot of time and resources. Many public sector and council tenders

 can seem quite daunting! You only get one opportunity to bid so you need to maximise your prospects of success. Professional help and advice can significantly increase your chances of winning tenders and PQQs.

All4business will be happy to assist you in these situations.
Please feel free to contact us for more information:

HomeWho we are Why work with us Our goalOur international servicesFind a Manufacturer or SupplierContact